Music Lesson: Guitar

Interested in learning guitar during your time at home? This 3-month trial of the Blues Guitar Unlimited All-Access Pass is the perfect solution. You'll be on your way to professional guitarist status in no time. Get full access to the Blues Guitar Unleashed Member Portal, including streaming access to currently over 850 video lessons, hundreds of blues jam tracks, and complete manuals in PDF format. Receive access to the online Practice Generator & Tracker as well as membership to the Blues Guitar Unleashed Member Forum, and several live, online sessions per month. Blues Guitar Unleashed is the most popular selling blues guitar course since 2008. Blues Guitar Unleashed is being used by over 26,372 blues guitar players around the world with more students joining every day. What makes Blues Guitar Unleashed unique is the systematic approach to blues playing. Each of the 31 lessons follows the previous in terms of technique, skills, and concepts.

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This special John J. Byrne Community Center website is a great place to visit frequently because we’ll always feature fun ways for you to help our cause! Thanks to the amazing generosity of all of the local and national experience providers, we’re able to offer you incredible values and at the same time generate meaningful donations (as much as 70% of your purchase price).

Turning fun experiences into big donation! Inventory changes each day.

Flash Sales

From time to time, we’ll receive a limited number of fun experiences that you can grab at 50% off and still generate a big donation for us. Examples include in-home wine samplings, golf lessons, dance lessons and even vacations to five-star resorts. Supply is limited, so we’ll let you know when we have a flash sale available for you to enjoy.

Last-Minute Opportunities

If your schedule is flexible and you can act on a moment's notice, these are a perfect way to escape to everything from a local bed & breakfast to a world-class destination on the other side of the globe. Generous vacation providers like to fill their “last-minute” spaces and help our cause at the same time.

Featured Getaways

Enjoy special access to experiences provided by local and national getaways. Take a golf vacation to a top resort or reserve a space on a private yacht. You’ll find a wide variety of featured getaways, and all generate big donations for us thanks to the generosity of the providers!

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Leading up to each of our fundraising events, we’ll give you an easy way to preview all of the exciting experiences that we will feature at our auction or raffle.

About John J. Byrne Community Center

OUR MISSION The mission of John J. Byrne Community Center is to improve the quality of community and family life by creating and maintaining an intergenerational, multicultural, full-service community center that provides social, health, recreational, cultural and educational opportunities for all. OUR PHILOSOPHY It is our philosophy that childhood should be a time of fun, warmth, security, exploring and discovering. Provided with an atmosphere and environment comfortable for learning and sharing, children, teenagers, and adults will flourish and prosper. They will learn to master and safely express their feelings and welcome new challenges into their lives. OUR MOTTO - IMF As a community center, we seek to be a hub for diverse groups of all ages, A place where all cultures of any background may find an abundance of opportunities to grow and contribute positively to our community. INTERGENERATIONAL - Children and Teenagers benefit from the experienced guidance and wisdom of their elderly mentors, while senior members learn to respect and appreciate "where they're coming from," through activities that encourage inter-generation interaction. MULTICULTURAL - That all ages, through discussions, activities and other cross-cultural events learn that we are more alike than different. And it makes us more tolerant and understanding of each other. FULLSERVICE - That every needed quality service and programs are available to all ages, cultures, lifestyles and religious backgrounds.

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Music Festtival

Family Fun Day

We're excited to give our donors a chance to have fun and help us at the same time! Your support helps sustain our facility to host varieties of programs - karate, and summer camp activities: arts & craft, gardening, cooking, sports, water play, computers, field trips, fun and games for ages 7-12.

- David Greaves, President

Fun Experiences for You
Buy a cruise for your parents or take a family vacation. Enjoy a round of golf with your friends or even take a golf lesson.

Have fun, enjoy attractive rates, and generate a big donation (as much as 80% of your purchase price!) for John J. Byrne Community Center.

Special thanks to all of the generous business owners that make all of this possible!
Ways to help John J. Byrne Community Center

Have some fun!

The next time you're looking to take the family on a vacation or just take your foursome out for a round of golf near your home, consider purchasing one of the fun experiences that we have available on this website. You’ll enjoy a great value and you’ll be helping us at the same time. You've just discovered a new way to help us.  Go have fun!

Promote your business! - Partner | Donate

If you'd like us to promote your business to our supporters, we’ll be happy to do so. You can also run special incentives and offers. If you own a rental property and care about John J. Byrne Community Center, please take 10 minutes to create your free listing and post a spare week or two.

"We had a great time on our cruise and it was great to make a difference tool" - John D.

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